Coffee House & Bistro

Lifestyles Coffeehouse and Bistro is a Socially Conscious eatery where our customers enjoy Great Food with Purpose.

Our 36-seat quick-service restaurant was created by the Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation (CPLF) to provide gainful employment and job-skill training opportunities for persons with disabilities, within a framework of financial sustainability.

Located in northeast Calgary, our coffeehouse and bistro provides weekday dine-in and take-out service from 7:30am to 3:30pm. Additionally, our bistro provides catering services to corporate clients around the city.

Training and employment positions for the foundation’s clients include working in the front-of-house; running food, clearing tables, and taking customers’ orders. We also provide back-of-house opportunities for our clients interested in learning food preparation skills and how a commercial kitchen operates.

Check out our sister social enterprise, Cookies on the Go.  Cookies on the Go creates beautiful gift baskets and a wide array or baked goods for sale online, at our community bake sales, and in corporate located in many supporter’s businesses throughout the city. Employment opportunities include working in our bakery, delivering baked goods to our supporter’s businesses, and selling our baked goods at community bake sales.

Currently, our two social enterprises employ over 25 persons with disabilities.

Since 1989, CPLF has worked with seniors and persons with disabilities in their homes, their workplaces, and in the community.  Each day, we support over 350 clients in achieving success in their lives.